Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Your estate plan will likely be driven by several priorities – keeping your loved ones secure, supporting philanthropic causes you value and limiting exposure to taxes, both before and after your death. Because taxes directly affect the assets available for other purposes, we give tax planning special importance in all of our work.

Fiduciary Services

Your choice of an executor is an important one, as the role demands a mix of legal and interpersonal skills. As executor, we take the burden off of your family and serve as a neutral third party to ensure that all estate beneficiaries are treated fairly. We also serve as professional trustees to make sure that any trusts are properly administered and are managed in coordination with your other assets and advisors.

Lifetime Transfer Strategies

Considerable tax savings can be realized by moving assets out of your taxable estate during your lifetime, through gifts and other means. Beyond their tax advantages, these moves allow you to transfer assets to loved ones and charitable organizations sooner, when the benefit may be greatest. To achieve these goals, Currier Ryan designs and implements a range of simple and complex lifetime gifting vehicles.

Trust & Estate Administration

One of your greatest concerns about the end of your life may be that your estate be settled to your wishes and with the least possible stress and conflict for your family. We share this priority and often represent executors, trustees, and beneficiaries across a range of situations that they may encounter.