Estate Planning

Your estate plan will likely be driven by several priorities – keeping your loved ones secure, supporting philanthropic causes you value and limiting exposure to taxes, both before and after your death. Because taxes directly affect the assets available for other purposes, we give tax planning special importance in all of our work.

Comprehensive planning with emphasis on tax efficiency

Currier Ryan specializes in tax-efficient estate plans designed to transfer assets at death while minimizing federal and state estate and incomes taxes. We design plans ranging from relatively simple credit shelter planning to complex plans that include generation-skipping trusts and charitable foundations. Every aspect of your estate plan is custom-designed to your particular circumstances and objectives. While we are pleased to work collaboratively with your family office or investment advisor, we always strive to offer independent advice and design estate plans that work for you and your family.

Long-term partnerships

Your estate plan may have a meaningful impact for your family and community for many decades or even many generations. Experience shows us that the optimal way to develop, maintain and execute such long-term plans is through candid, lasting relationships with clients. As your estate planning counsel, we maintain a file for the duration of our relationship and retain your original estate planning documents in secure off-site storage. We meet with you on a regular basis to review your plans and implement changes as your family and financial situation evolves over time.

In the event of your death, the file and the original documents help us ensure that the estate plan is implemented as designed. The file is also an important source of information for your family.  This information is protected by ethical obligations relating to confidentiality and attorney-client privilege, and we work diligently to maintain the security of this information on our network.